What is GTB?

GTB is the global group of vehicle manufacturers, system suppliers, light source manufacturers, testing laboratories and academia working to assure regulation and safety of automotive lighting systems and their installation.

What does GTB do?

Our principal activity today is the preparation of proposals for new and amended UNECE Regulations, taking into account:
– technical development;
– actual testing experience;
– safety;
– economic implications with a view to practical application.

Our Mission

– to promote safety, avoid regulatory barriers and remove unnecessary administrative burden to innovation and international trade;
take into account national operational and cultural aspects;
– to be the partner of choice of governmental regulatory bodies in order to develop and maintain high quality, globally harmonised technical requirements.

Our Vision

– Actively support the UN-GRE Simplification of the lighting and signalling regulations;
Simplify and synchronise the Chinese GB lighting and signalling standards with the Simplified UN Regulations;
– Actively promote and provide technical input and secretariat support for the development of Global Technical Regulations (UN 1998 Agreement) for lighting and light-signalling;
Promote and support independent international research to provide timely support for the ongoing development of the regulations.

Operative HQ : Via Confienza 10 c/o REGUS – 10121 Torino (Italy)
 Phone. +39 011 753 8670  |  TAX Code: 97739340012  |  VAT Code: IT11895960018