Executive Summaries

Executive Summaries are informative documents produced to summarise the key findings and insights of studies conducted by Universities and Research Institutes around the globe, funded by GTB:

  • ELS – “Evaluation of road projection in departing situation with cyclists” (click to download)
  • Yeungnam University – “Signal light projections with direction indicator” (click to download)

Signal Road Projector (SRP)

“Signal Road Projector” (SRP) is intended to become a new independent light-signalling function to provide enhanced recognition of the existing functions (Direction Indicator or Reversing) to other road users by illumination of the ground surface. The scope of this function is to give information to other road users and prevent traffic accidents

The following documents were made available before the live demonstration made in Geneva (CH) on 26th April 2023, during the 88th GRE session:

Headlight Safety Performance Rating (HSPR) - GTB Recommended Practice

Today’s light distributions of modern headlamp systems can be adapted in traffic situations, according to the oncoming and preceding vehicles, by combining a passing-beam with horizontal cut-off shape and an ADB lighting function. The purpose of this system is to avoid a critical glare level for other traffic participants, while providing maximum illumination range for the driver.

Therefore, for a complete, fair and objective rating of modern headlamp systems, all main lighting functions like passing-beam, ADB and driving-beam must be considered.

This “Recommended Practice” aims to define an objective standard for headlamp rating systems including ADB functionality.

Links to available resources:

Explanatory video @ISAL 2022:

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