In the field of automotive lighting, technology continues to develop rapidly with regards to light sources, optical systems and electronic control: this means that the Regulations must be maintained in line with this progress while ensuring that safety is not compromised.

The automotive lighting world is truly global and this is clearly evident from the current developments in the UN World Forum (WP.29) and also from the widening membership of GTB. Thanks to this, GTB is able to represent the interests of the whole value chain of automotive lighting. System suppliers, light source manufacturers, vehicle manufacturers, testing laboratories, research organisations and academia contribute to the work of GTB.

Through cooperation with other standardisation bodies, GTB provides up-to-date information concerning development of Regulations and standards in different regions of the world such as Europe, USA, Canada, Japan, China, India etc.

In particular, we actively cooperate with:

So what does GTB do?

Brings together the expertise of its global membership to promote safety, avoidance of regulatory barriers and the removal of unnecessary administrative burden to innovation and international trade;

Takes into account national operational and cultural aspects, based upon the experience of its members;

Investigates the safety, economic and environmental implications of such technical developments with a view to their practical application;

Facilitates the cooperation of both technical and administrative experts from all disciplines involved in road vehicle lighting, such as the manufacturers of lighting devices, light sources and vehicles, the research institutes and the technical and administrative services designated by governments;

Studies and discusses new technical developments regarding all aspects of road vehicle lighting, light sources, lighting functions and their installation in the vehicle; this includes sponsoring independent research carried out by globally acknowledges institutes;

Prepares proposals for new or amended regulations and standards that permit the testing, approval and certification of vehicle lighting and light signalling systems and light sources. The global harmonisation of such regulations and standards is supported with active participation in the work of international committees.

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