A Non Governmental Organization established in 1952, and in special consultative status with ECOSOC, the UN Economic and Social Council, since 2014. It is a unique global group of vehicle lighting experts supporting the international regulatory process through the combination of their experience and skills as vehicle manufacturers, lighting systems manufacturers, light source manufacturers, test laboratories, regulators and academia. This provides a unique opportunity for members to be involved in the UN regulatory process.

A truly global group, sharing local knowledge and experience and providing an opportunity for all members to keep up-to-date with regulatory progress / research / type approval issues / interpretational issues etc. etc.

A non profit association, legally established and based in Italy, that is funded and managed by its members. The operating costs are shared and this provides a unique service at low cost for the benefit of all members.

A technical  group without a prime lobbying role and has mutually beneficial cooperation with the major automotive trade associations, whose members frequently contribute in their own right as lighting experts of the various GTB working groups.

Last but not least, GTB is not in competition with the standardisation bodies and through cooperation with them provides up-to-date information concerning development of regulations and standards in different regions of the world such as Europe, USA, Canada, Japan, China, India etc.

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